A special day needs special photographies. 

Our photo booth will make it possible.

Guests, family members and friends will enjoy all the unique and diverse photographies.

Everyone will see the pictures that they have done on the TV monitor.

We can customize the photographies by putting the name of the fiancees and the wedding's date.

Printing the photographies out is unlimited.

After the event, we will give you a USB with all of the pictures from the event.

We make an album of some pictures from the event with some dedications.

We give to the host a password for our website with all the photographies from the event.

There is always a person guiding and cheering to do all the pictures.

You can rent it for 2, 3 or 4 hours, we have a flexible scheduling.

There is the possibility to make the veneers of the best pictures during the event.

We are flexible economical wise.

We have a new service: Crhoma (Photographies with a predetermined background)